Dread falls are hair pieces that attach to the hair for a temporary look.  The dreads are attached to a piece of sturdy lace that simply ties over your bun.  My dread falls contain 20 double ended dreads each (40 dreads total) and can be worn as a single fall over a pony tail or as 2 falls each over pigtails.  The dreads may also be removed and braided into your hair if you desire at a later date!  Note: prices are for solid colour dreads.  Please see the colours section for accents!



                                                       Single fall                                Pair

Short (6-8 inches):                         $32.50 CAD                         $65 CAD

Medium (10-12 inches):                $40.50 CAD                         $81 CAD

Long (18-20 inches):                      $56.50 CAD                         $113 CAD

Extra long (25-28 inches):             $83 CAD                              $165 CAD




Note:  With any order it is possible to customize it even more.  You can purchase more or less dreads to your desire, or even customize the lengths.  Simply Email me with your request!   Please see the colours and others section for colour information and more add ons.  You can also order some loose dreads to install in the front of your hair for a more natural look.  The possibilies are endless when it comes to fake hair!!