I would suggest getting a base colour matching your natural hair colour and adding brightly coloured accents.  You may choose 3 colours; each additional colour after that is $3 extra.  I can also blend colours for a more natural appearence or colour match to your hair.  Blending can be done very loosely to provide an organic type swirl.  This service is free! (Please see below for more accents!)

Swatches are available - please email your request to heather@divinitydreads.com





Off black                    

Snow white                 

Red tomato                 

Brown black               

Silver white                   

Sweet Red                  

Dark brown                

Royal blue                  

Red (UV)                    

Medium brown              

Baby blue                   

Orange amber              


Dark purple                


Light brown                 

Light purple                

Hot pink                       

Gold blonde                

Emerald green             

Neon violet                  

Honey blonde              

Lime green                  

Medium pink               

Platinum blonde            

Neon yellow/green      

Baby pink                     

    Note:  While supplies last, some colours may be low in stock.

Dreads may also have swirled accents (please add $0.25 to each swirled dread [or $0.50 per double ender], can also be swirled with more than one colour!) or transition from one colour to another (for transitionals add $0.25 to each transitional dread [or $0.50 per double ender]).  NOTE: Extra long dreads are $0.50 per accented dread ($1.00 per double ender).  

I also offer two toned dreads:

TWO TONED DREADS! (click for larger image)


These are great for adding coloured accents without a visible braid.  Braid your hair around the side that matches your hair!  Your two-toned dread may also have a transitional or swirled accent dread!  Add $0.25 to your order for every two-toned dread you want.